Twitter for BlackBerry: BWP Security Token retrieval failed

If you are reading this, I know. It sucks right? And all you wanted to do was to send a tweet. This seems to be the newest bug affecting BlackBerrys mostly in the Philippines.

Don’t waste your time talking to customer service representatives because they haven’t got a clue on what’s happening and will most probably ask you to wipe your phone clean. But if you already did, chances are they made you do some things that rendered useless like:

1. Re-send service books.
2. Register handheld in Host Routing Table.
3. Enable APN

I’m not sure how much time it took you to do those but that’s definitely time wasted.

So without further ado, here’s the fix.

Downgrade your Twitter software. Yup, as simple as that. Here are the links (OTA):

  • OS6 (v2.0.0.19)
  • OS7 (v2.0.0.25)

You’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “Twitter for BlackBerry: BWP Security Token retrieval failed

  1. i’ve been thought that i must down grate my twitter, but since my Blackbaberry Apps world can’t be opened too, so what should i do? :(

    • I apologize if the links aren’t working anymore. The best advise I can give you is look for OTA links through Google using your phone. Search for a string, say, “twitter for blackberry ota.” From thereon, try to look for still working links to download the app over-the-air.

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